What is your greatest achievement outside of work? Job Interview Question and Answer!

What is your greatest achievement outside of work?

When it comes to discussing achievements outside of work, it can be challenging to decide what to highlight. However, it’s essential to choose an accomplishment that reflects positively on your character and abilities. Here are some tips on how to approach this question:

Choose an accomplishment that demonstrates your skills: The goal is to showcase your strengths, so select an achievement that highlights your abilities. For example, if you enjoy writing, you could talk about publishing an article in a respected publication.

Select an accomplishment that shows your values: Think about what you’re passionate about and what matters to you. Did you volunteer for a charity event, or did you raise money for a cause you care about? These are examples of accomplishments that demonstrate your values.

Show how your achievement has impacted you: Talk about how your accomplishment has affected you positively. Did it give you a sense of purpose? Did it help you develop new skills?

Be concise: Remember to keep your answer concise and to the point. The interviewer doesn’t need to hear your life story, so stick to the most relevant details.

Here is an example answer to the question, “What is your greatest achievement outside of work?”

“My greatest achievement outside of work was completing a 5k run for a charity event. Running has always been a passion of mine, and I had been training for months leading up to the event. I chose to run for a charity that supports children with disabilities, a cause close to my heart. The event was a success, and I was able to raise over $1,000 for the charity.

This accomplishment showed me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and it also gave me a sense of purpose knowing that I was making a difference in the lives of others. Running for the charity was a challenging but rewarding experience, and it taught me the importance of determination and hard work.

Overall, this achievement has taught me valuable lessons that I apply to all areas of my life, including my professional career. It has also given me a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that has motivated me to continue pursuing my passions and making a positive impact in the world.”

Remember, when answering this question, it’s essential to be honest, sincere, and confident. Choose an accomplishment that you are proud of and can speak about passionately. By doing so, you’ll leave a lasting impression on the interviewer and demonstrate your character and abilities beyond the workplace.

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