If I were your supervisor and asked you to do something that you disagreed with, what would you do? Job Interview Question and Answer!

If I were your supervisor and asked you to do something that you disagreed with, what would you do?

This is a common job interview question that the recruiters may ask the candidates, try answering in the following manner:

In this type of situation, it would be important for me to first understand the reasoning behind the request and any potential impact it may have on the company or project. If, after considering the information, I still disagree with the request, I would approach the situation in a professional and respectful manner.

I would start by scheduling a meeting with my supervisor to discuss the situation. During this meeting, I would express my concerns and provide any relevant data or information to support my stance. I would also listen to my supervisor’s perspective and try to understand their reasoning behind the request.

If, after this discussion, I am still unable to support the request, I would respectfully explain my stance and offer alternative solutions that may address any concerns or objectives my supervisor may have. By doing this, I would show that I am open to finding a solution that works for everyone, while also standing up for my beliefs and principles.

In the end, I understand that as an employee, it is my responsibility to follow the directions of my supervisor. If a resolution cannot be reached, I would follow the request and continue to perform my job to the best of my ability. However, I would also make sure to document any concerns and objections for future reference.

Overall, it is important for me to maintain a positive and professional attitude, even in difficult situations. By doing this, I can demonstrate my ability to handle challenging situations and work collaboratively with my supervisor to find a solution that benefits everyone involved.

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